Exclusive for Coaches & Service Based Entrepreneurs:

How to Map out the Big Vision for your Business this Year (and ENSURE your success).

Imagine an EASY way to…

  • Plan your 90 day goals and know where you’re at every single day.
  • Map out your marketing initiatives and know what needs to be posted, emailed, tweeted and checked off your list each week.
  • Keep track of clients who are on payment plans and know your projected income for next month.
  • Have an up-to-the minute snapshot of your closing ratio, informing you of exactly how many discovery sessions will be required to meet your monthly goal.
  • Know exactly where all your leads are coming from (Ex. 60% from FB, 20% referral and 20% from speaking,) informing you where to spend your time and money to ensure you reach your goals.
  • Track your daily progress, make notes about what’s working and what isn’t so you can stop trying a million things, never really stopping to see what DID work before you chuck it and move onto the next thing you see others doing.  (I keep seeing this happen and I’m like wait… you got some results there, how can we increase that!)

Imagine this was all in one nifty spreadsheet

(A snapshot of your business ALL in ONE spot.)

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That’s exactly what you’re going to get in the

Big Vision Planning Virtual Workshop!

If you’re a coach, healer, or service-based entrepreneur then you most likely have struggled with the best way to organize yourself (trust me, I have!)  There seems to be SO many things to manage!

Booking discovery sessions, handling client payment plans, tweeting, posting, emailing, speaking, networking, accounting, graphic design, webinars, teleseminars, the list goes on!

Can you relate to any of these?

  • Not knowing WHICH session you’re on with a client (how many do they have left?)  I finally got that problem solved with this spreadsheet!
  • What is my next newsletter going to be about?  Wait, when am I sending it? What’s my call to action anyway?  Wait, why I am sending these emails?
  • No marketing plan.  Remember, hoping and praying for a client is not a marketing plan.
  • When asked “What is your closing ratio?”, you say: “What’s a closing ratio?”
  • You have no flipping clue where your next clients are coming from because you don’t track where the previous ones came from.
  • You don’t know how many email subscribers you have, where they are coming from and you’re certainly not tracking it from week to week.  Hard to stay focused and see improvement on something you’re not tracking.  Just sayin’!
  • You don’t do income producing activities consistently, therefore your cash flow is inconsistent.  Ouch!!
  • You don’t know how much money is going to come in next month.  You have all your clients payment plans in your head..
  • You feel like you “suck at goals” because you’re not accomplishing the ones you set.  Trust me, looking at the cold hard facts gets you to focus on the right things---you know the ones that bring results!

If you can’t relate, you’re probably brand-spankin’ new and you want to START RIGHT, tracking, measuring and DOING the right things from the jump. Smart one you are!

My name is Jessica Riverson, founder of Permission to Charge™ and creator of The Instant Pay Raise Program.


My mission is to empower coaches, and especially women to develop their money making muscles and after feeling bad about being disorganized myself and then seeing my clients fail to have answers to easy questions like, “what’s your closing ratio?” I knew I had to do something.


So I went back to my roots.  When I was 25 years old I sold my home, moved me and my 5-year-old son into a tiny apartment and bought an educational consulting and tutoring franchise.  It was one of the best decisions I made because I was given “a business in a box.”  Unfortunately that hardly exists in the coaching industry, as I soon found out when I started my coaching business years later.

The franchisor trained me to be a successful franchisee and so…

I had to track EVERYTHING.

And that’s why in the first full year of business my revenue was $80,000 and it only went up from there to over $180,000 in sales the third year.  This single mom, college dropout was PROUD.  That’s how I got sold on tracking and measuring-even though I hated to be “forced” to do it.  So thankful now for that valuable lesson! Let me share a simple formula for you right now, so you can see how important what I’m going to teach you will be. How invaluable it will be.

5 New Clients each month @$1000 =$5000 per month

6 clients on a payment plan of $833/month = $5000 per month.

If your numbers are bigger or smaller, adjust accordingly, but the point is we are trying to get consistent income herePermission to Charge CoachWhen I started in the coaching business, it seemed so simple as I crunched the numbers. I was like, yeah I can totally do this! All the numbers made complete sense on paper when I was sitting at some big Guru’s conference envisioning the whole thing. For nearly 3 years I kept trying to get to six figures in my coaching biz.
I mapped out my way to $100,000 just about 100,000 times I think!

But I couldn’t get there.  First off, I wasn’t charging my worth—(that I can solve for you in another program, so don’t worry.)  But let’s assume you have a program that you can sell for at least $2500, (you do right?).  Then you really only need to sell a few each month to make a consistent $5K or 10K in your business. The problem is SALES.  You’ve got to make sales. Well, let’s do another simple formula.  Your closing ratio is 50%.  Imagine you know this because you’re tracking.  Wink. Wink.

Your goal is 3 new clients per month who pay you $2500 or more.

It takes you only 6 discovery calls/consults for you to enroll 3 people and make $7500 in sales!

Now that you’re tracking your closing ratio, it’s easy for you to know exactly what it will take for you to reach your financial goals.  And as my students and clients know, CONSULTATIONS ON THE CALENDAR is the name of the game.

So the data you collect will inform you as to the exact number of consults (discovery sessions) you must have each month.  Now that you know this, you can get to work on your various marketing initiatives.  What makes it even easier is that you’ll now be actually tracking your marketing efforts, figuring out what is working, what isn’t working and figure out exactly WHY it isn’t working.

Business is like cakeBuilding a business is just like baking a cake.  You just need to know what ingredients and what amounts to put in that cake to make it taste amazing.  And just like all cooking, you’ll have your unique flavor.  Nobody’s cooking tastes the same.  That’s a fact!

So that’s why simply copying others doesn’t work.  You may not have the same business model as they do.  You may not be in the same stage as business as they are AND you may not be very good at the marketing initiates they’re good at.

The Big Vision Planning “success tracker,” the heart of the entire workshop, will help you stay on track and discover what truly works for you, so you can build your business WAY MORE EASILY.

You’ll be smart and savvy about business, tracking every step just like you did back in 9th grade Biology class.  You’ll shave off months and years of a hefty learning curve simply by looking at the important metrics in your business and adjusting your actions accordingly.

So here’s how it Works:

As soon as you enroll in the Big Vision Planning Virtual Workshop, you’ll immediately get access to our membership site where you’ll find:

  • A welcome letter from yours truly
  • The Success Tracker Workbook

Here is what’s in the success tracker excel worksheet:

  • Closing ratio tracking sheet
  • Lead tracking sheet
  • Client Tracking sheet (track payment plans and project your income)
  • 12 month marketing planner
  • Newsletter/Ezine planner
  • Monthly tabs for January through December to track daily income, sales and marketing tactics used.  You can also track any other metrics here.

You’ll be able to download this excel spreadsheet right away and start using it.

You’ll be invited to the Big Vision Planning Workshop

  • A Success Tracker Training where I’ll walk you through HOW to set your 90 day goals for the year and exactly HOW to use the success tracker to ensure success in your coaching biz. We’ll discuss each page of success tracker.
  • A special Q&A call where you can ask me ANYTHING about goal setting, business planning, your pricing, your packages, your marketing, your sales page, your copy or your even mindset.  I plan to stay on the line for a maximum of 2 hours to answer any questions you have.

You'll get to attend one call per quarter and you’ll receive an email invitation to register for the Big Planning Workshop.  The call will be recorded and the recording will be housed in the membership site.

Yes, Jessica, I want to plan my Big Vision for the year with you!

Buy Now: Only $97!

Questions & Answers

Why such a small investment, Jessica?

Alright, alright. Yes I AM the Permission to Charge™ Mentor and I definitely always charge my worth, so I’ll let you in on a secret: This is an affordable offer, a complete no brainer, because I want to show you how much I care and how much I want you to get the basics down! I believe after you see that, you’ll be likely to continue on with me in my other more advanced programs and even private coaching with me.

Should I join even if I can’t make any of the live calls.

Well that depends, do you want to start tracking your actions so that you can get real results in your business? I can only imagine you’re nodding yes! Go for it and join us.

The call will be recorded and will be in our membership site and you’ll always have access to that.

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Buy Now: Only $97!