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Ready to stop trading dollars for hours?


Learn to Price, Package and Sell your Expertise with High End Programs Clients Want to Buy

Dear Solopreneur Desiring a Bank Account as BIG as your passion for helping others,

Are you..

  •  someone who is SO passionate about helping others that it actually STANDS IN YOUR WAY from charging your worth (and actually getting it?)
  • tired of trying to sell one-off sessions or promote packages that nobody seems to want to buy?
  • done with spending an hour or more with a potential client only to have them say “I’ll think about it.”
  • an expert in your field and ready to finally get PAID LIKE ONE?
  • scared of selling and asking for money and desire a “soulful” way of holding an enrollment appointment that guides people to sign up on the spot.

Then don’t worry because I’ve got some fast relief coming for you!

dsc_0448-SMy name is Jessica Riverson, Permission to Charge™‚ Mentor, Money Breakthrough Method coach© and CEO and founder of the coaching and training company Permission to Charge™.

I care about TWO things:  Making a Difference. And Making Money Doing It.

I know what it’s like spending 40 hours a week and getting nowhere in your business. I also know what it’s like to have a desire to make really good money (six figures and beyond) and do it in a graceful way—not in a “working my fingers to the bone” kind of way.  I don’t want you to suffer in that way anymore.

Here’s the deal:  As women entrepreneurs we often discount services and the value we bring to the table. I’m on a mission to change that because I found that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to make the kind of money I desired (and needed) to make while hanging myself out on the clearance rack.

I’ve learned through hard work and tons of trial and error so YOU don’t have to.

When I started my first business almost 10 years ago I was so excited! I set my rates, plastered my town with tons of marketing materials, got a business line and sat by the phone waiting with a sharpened pencil.  And the calls came in!  But people started asking me about the price of my service and some would even question my rates. I froze and fumbled over my words.  I felt like I had to defend myself….and I wasn’t doing a very good job of that either. Other clients seemed to have no problem with the rates but because of my trepidation of not securing them as a client, I’d often give them a discount or waive their registration fee before they even had a chance to question my prices.  And I would get off the phone and kick myself, saying “darn it, why did I do that again!” It’s like the words “I’ll give you a discount” rolled off my tongue uncontrollably.

You see, at that point in my life, as a young single mom, I couldn’t afford my own service and I thought it was “expensive.”  My own money mindset was running my business, NOT ME.

Fortunately I had a coach to bust me on this. But I still had a hard time getting agreements signed for larger amounts of money. That was scary. So I began to learn from gifted coaches and sales trainers the confidence and skills I needed to sell large packages and confidently enroll clients. I felt like I was on top of the world!

Then I started my second business. This one. I spent over a year in what I call a “faux launch” period in which I dabbled with several website do-overs and perfecting the name of my business, etc. All while having ZERO clients. Around this time I became certified as a Money Breakthrough Coach, recognizing I needed to clear up some long time “money crap” that was standing in my way. By the way, I was raised by two CPA’s. “Shouldn’t I be perfect with money,” I thought. So not the case!

What I learned changed the course of my life and businesses forever. Now money mindset is at the core of everything I do. But the first “real” year where I actually had clients was hard. I was one of those people with an “expensive hobby,” and not a real business. With already having one successful business already under my belt, how could I be failing so much?

And then is when I decided to get smart. I had to work on ME and my mindset. I also had to take everything I’d previously learned and apply it to my new business. Duh!  You’d think I would have thought of that. It was much harder to sell ME rather than representing a service someone else provided. I had to stop hanging myself on the clearance rack, discounting my services and expertise and sell my new service with the same level of confidence I’d come to have in my first business.

I gave myself an INSTANT PAY RAISE.

So FINALLY I gave myself Permission to Charge™ what I’m worth. You won’t even believe the rates I was charging when I started! They are so low I can’t even bear to type them here!

Once I worked on my money mindset and began to truly OWN my worth and the value I provided, I more confidently stood in and on that value and I raised my private coaching rates. I have since raised them 4 times and continue to raise them. You too can grow into higher and higher rates within your industry and be paid like the expert that you are (or desire to be).

Then I had to get REALLY CLEAR on the programs I was offering. I learned to create compelling PROGRAMS that people actually want to buy and do!

And finally I honed my enrollment skills so that I could achieve 80% or higher closing rates and do so using what I call, The Soulful Sales Method.™ I shifted my perspective on selling so that I no longer felt bad for selling something my prospective actually needed!

mainbannerimage-SFlash forward to today and I am enjoying higher fees, better clients getting better results and generating $6,800 in a WEEK, not to mention creating extraordinary revenue each MONTH. It can be done.

Trust me, if I can do it, so you can you. I didn’t let being a single mom stop me. I didn’t let a lack of a college degree stop me. I didn’t let self-doubt and self-worth issues stop me even though they are deep seated. I continue to bust through them and work on them. I knew I couldn’t let them keep me down.

“Raised my prices and feel GREAT about it.”

“Within the same day of working with Jessica, I’ve been able to raise my prices and feel GREAT about it. Just today I was giving a new client an estimate and I started to give them my old low price — then I remembered, I AM WORTH IT! and gave them a higher and “worth it” price.   I’m confident about my new numbers * Feel GREAT and WORTH my new numbers * Love making more money every day! Do the exercises Jessica gives you. * Practice your new beliefs * BELIEVE it – ACHIEVE it.”

So why not YOU?

youcartoonIf an internet guy featured on Shark Tank can earn multi millions simply by creating “I want to draw a Cat for You,” a company that sends silly cat drawings to its customers for $9.95, then certainly YOU, a passionate entrepreneur of service deserves to make good money too. Really good money.

Isn’t it time for YOU to give yourself Permission to Charge™ and create an Instant Pay Raise for yourself?  I know it is. What you do is SO important and I don’t think it’s fair for you to be doing the amazing work you do in the world and yet wonder how to pay your rent or feel frustrated you’re not taking a vacation this year.  You deserve more and so do your clients. This is why I’ve put together the Instant Pay Raise Program.

“I generated $3300 in revenue after the first session!”

“With just 2.5 hours of working with Jessica, I’ve been able to generate $3300.00 in revenue, create a new on-line program and launch, including two people who have paid for the program. I gained 2-3 more clients that I’ll be having enrolling conversations with in the next couple of days.  Confidence has increased a ton! Self-esteem increased. Fears are manageable and able to embrace them. Joy: Amazing!  I’ve learned how to have an effective enrolling conversation and hone in even more on my listening skills to offer packages that will suit my client’s needs and bring me closer to my goals! I’ve learned the lovely skill of delegation and customer service.”

Is this training course right for you?

The Instant Pay Raise Program is for the entrepreneur who wants to finally give herself permission to charge™ what she is worth, create programs that sell and then confidently enroll new clients with her new-found sales mojo.

This course will benefit you whether you’re just starting your business or perhaps you’ve been at this for a while but still struggling with feeling like you’re not earning to your potential. Even seasoned business owners need to look at the rates, their prices, programs and sales process on a regular basis.

If you don’t, you’re going to be stuck out in the cold, wondering where all the clients are going.  Always wanting to give people “a good deal” isn’t what keeps you in business and at the top of your industry.

If you don’t master your money mindset and do your worth work now, you’re simply sabotaging your potential. Think about the highest paid person in your industry. What is she making each month? Why not YOU. I bet you’re just as good or actually better. The Instant Pay Raise Program is going to enable you to jump start your income like you’ve never seen. Simply by saying yes to the program, you’re already ENERGETICALLY saying yes to receiving higher fees.

“My Mind has been blown……Two new clients and 10 appointments book within first 10 days!”

“From our first session I let go of my pride in being a sale/discount shopper and realized that I’m worth the retail price. Also, just a few hours after talking with Jessica my father-in-law called my husband to finally confirm a time to meet with me in regards to life insurance. I’ve been waiting on him for months!! An extended family member within those 24hrs said to me ‘why would you ever save on yourself? You are way too fabulous for that!’ I’ve learned to put my Jimmy Choos on the minute I wake up!”  Update via text a week later: “I went to close my bank acct with Chase officially. In my checkbook I had that I was going to get $100 from that account. Turns out I had $687. No charges are pending. That is amazing!”  Later that day:  “I signed on another client!!:)  Thanks Jess for your guidance.  Also, I went to Nordstrom to return two dresses that I bought on sale. I walked out with FOUR retailed priced items for less than what I paid for the sale items. That’s nuts! My mind has been blown!”

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this business-transforming course:

Call #1. Own your Worth and Give yourself Permission to Charge™ so you can Profit & Serve for a Lifetime!

Quickly eliminate any emotional money blocks you may have to asking for money, raising your rates and charging your worth.

Experience my Secret Weapon Exercise that I personally walk every single client through so they can confidently stand in and on their value and never undercharge again!
Learn why making MORE MONEY is ACTUALLY EASIER than making less money.

Discover WHY owning your worth is the most CLIENT ATTRACTIVE thing you can do.

Decide which Money Archetype you’re operating from and how it’s helping or harming you in business.


Call #2. Exude Pricing Confidence:  Learn the Psychology of Pricing & How to Price so Your Customers will Actually Buy

Learn pricing secrets that marketing gurus and big companies have been using for years to attract buying clients.

Stop putting yourself on the clearance rack and understand why DISCOUNT is a DIRTY WORD!

Get an exact script of WHAT TO SAY that you can use to let your clients know of a rate increase.  Plus learn how to deal with negative customer reactions!

Become SO comfortable with your new, higher rates that you can state them as easily as saying “please pass the salt.”

3d magnet attraction

Call #3. Crafting your Client Attractive Programs and Packages

Create and Clarify your own Signature System, AKA Your Special Recipe that is woven into everything you do for clients.

Understand the KEY difference between packages and programs and which is a better fit for your business.

Experience and be guided through my Crafting Client Attractive Programs Template so you can employ the Power of the Bundle!

Create your Profit Pyramid so you have a program offering that fits into each level, always knows the next step for your clients to move through.

Learn the finishing touches to your programs that make your offers even juicier—Discover the Power of the Bonus and other exclusive offers that will make clients clamor towards you!

Bonus:  Learn how VIP days, Intensives and private retreats can be one of the easiest ways to create quick cash flow. It is how I jumpstarted by business and built my confidence!

Call #4. Intro to Soulful Sales™

Easily transform your mindset about the role of a sales person and become excited about how Sales truly Serves your potential client.

Learn how Soulful Sales™ turns a sales conversation into what feels like a conversation with a trusted friend.

Bust through limiting beliefs about sales so they no log clog your energy and flow of business.

Learn each of the simple 6 steps in Soulful Sales and discover a variety of ways to use this simple method.



Call #5. Crafting & Honing your Unique Enrollment Process to Close Sales with Ease

Get the Soulful Sales Script so that you have a simple sales process to follow, making every sales conversation feel like a soul mate connection call.

Discover how to tap into the soul of an enrollment conversation.

Learn the fastest way to integrate the Soulful Sales Method script so that you before long you won’t even need to refer to it, making your enrollment conversations completely natural and authentic.

Craft the components of your own unique enrollment process. Master the MOST IMPORTANT PIECES that must be in place before, during and after your enrollment conversation.

BONUS: You get… Soulful Sales Script, Soulful Sales Tip Sheet, Tip Sheet:  How to Qualify Leads so your Enrollment Conversations are not in vain!


BONUS Call #6. Q&A and Spotlight Coaching with Jessica

Your burning business-specific questions answered by Jessica.

Learn in a mastermind-like setting from challenges and triumphs other members are experiencing.  Someone always seems to ask a question that YOU needed the answer to and didn’t even know it!

Get “hot-seat” style coaching on specific money mindset issues that are blocking success.

Opportunity to get a laser review of your complete program page.

PLUS…These Additional BONUSES valued at over $1200:

Bonus #1: How to Speak to Attract Clients Training ($297 value)

In this training you will learn:

  • How to turn free speaking gigs with even small or medium size groups into big pay days by attracting new ideal clients
  • How to find ideal speaking gigs to reach your ideal clients

You’ll also get my template for getting more people on your list and consultations on your calendar. I’ll be sharing with you how I received $16,900 from one free speaking gig alone last year.


Bonus #2: The Money Breakthrough Program ($697 value)Money-Breakthrough_web_trnsprnt

Because I believe your money mindset is at the CENTER of all your success in giving yourself Permission to Charge and creating an Instant Pay Raise, I want to gift you my Money Breakthrough Program, which sells on my website for $697. You’ll gain access to this program through a membership site and you’ll get these five modules:

  • Healing your Family Money Legacy
  • Forgiving Debt and Healing other Guilty Money Issues
  • How to Create Accountability and Action with Money
  • Claim your Money Power
  • Revealing your Sacred Relationship with Money.

Private Facebook page for members only.

Networking, share ideas and get feedback on your program creating and other business ideas as you’re going through the program.
(Priceless value)

Templates, handouts and tip sheets

These will help you easily implement every step you learn in this course.
($67 value)


Jessica, I have a few questions first…

Question:  I’m not a coach, is this program right for me?

If you are a service provider such as a consultant for hair, wardrobe, organizing, cleaning, financial or almost every other personal services provider,  you will find great value in this course.

Question:  I’m in multi-level marketing or direct product sales. Will this course help me?

This course will immensely help you if you have a fear of sales, are projecting your money mindset onto your clients and want to develop your own signature process for enrolling clients. It will be especially helpful if you have service based portion of your business. For example:  You sell essential oils through direct sales but you also are a massage practitioner or healer.

Question:  Will I make my investment back?

I empower you to make that decision now. When I enroll in a course, I am committed to implementing what I learn immediately even before the class is over so that I can recoup my investment. The only time this doesn’t work is when I’m not truly ready to change. Once you decide that you’re ready and that you will change, this course will support you. I will support you and your class mates will also support you, especially when you are a willing and active participant in your own success.

Question:  Do you work with clients privately?

Yes. Please go to to set up a time to speak with me about working together privately.  You can enroll in the program along with a short series of private coaching sessions for an additional fee. Or you may apply for my Permission to Charge™ Private Mentoring Program.

“I don’t know how long I would’ve gone before increasing my rate! I really needed that loving push from Jessica.”

“Within a couple months working with Jessica I’ve been able to raise my rates for classes I teach! I don’t know how long I would’ve gone before increasing my rate – I really needed that loving push from Jessica. She has really helped me change my historical expectations when it comes to money. She has also helped me embrace being the leader of my business and not having fear when making the big decisions. In addition, she helped me analyze what things I’m doing that can give me the biggest bang for my time and also what things aren’t a priority. Skills I learned: Writing a large proposal, showing me how to write a more impactful bio and actually helping me do it, help brainstorm on ways to make or respond to difficult phone calls/emails. Keeping me accountable on making my next strategic move.”


“Increased my annual income by 33% in the two months after my Business Intensive!”

“From the very first casual conversation with Jessica she was able to offer me suggestions on how to increase my revenue within the frame of what I was already offering. After our Luxurious Business Intensive, her strategies were proven successful. I implemented her suggestions right away and immediately experienced wonderful results. My schedule filled up, my revenues significantly increased, and plans were being made for the next step in my career journey. I was able to increase my annual income by one third in the two months after my intensive, raise my rates by 25% and attract even more clients, and hire a part time office manager.”


“I really had no idea how much my services were worth, if they were even marketable, or if I could actually deliver on a scale that could support myself.”

“On Jessica’s encouragement I offered a proposal to a client for a job that I know would be very time consuming. In my proposal I quoted a fee that took into account how much time I really thought it WOULD take and not based on how much time I thought it SHOULD take. My potential client said she would think about it and to check back in a month. I put in a note to follow up with her, but figured she probably wasn’t interested. I got a call a week later and she asked if I could get started right away. She paid my quoted fee and loved my work! It could have gone differently and in some cases it will, but if Jessica hadn’t encouraged me that my time and what I know is valuable and worth charging for, my quote would have been a third of what it was and it ended up being even more work than I had originally thought. I have gone from, simple assuming that people would call me and hire me if they needed me, to taking advantage of the opportunities that come my way. I have a solid grasp of what I should say to people when they ask about my business and I know and am comfortable with my “commercial” for networking events. Because of this I have met with an average of 2 potential clients a week and have been hired by over half for real jobs that have paid real money.”




Yes, I’m ready to give myself Permission to Charge™ and grow my business FAST through your INSTANT PAY RAISE Program.

When I enroll in the Instant Pay Raise Program I will receive:

  • MP3 audio recordings of all 5 training calls
  • Mp3 audio recording of 90-min Q&A call with Jessica
  • How to Speak to Attract Clients Training
  • The Money Breakthrough Program
  • Access to private Facebook group for masterminding and networking
  • Access to all course materials in the private membership site
  • Done-For-Me Templates, checklists and course handouts


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So are you ready? I’m super excited for you. Let’s create your Instant Pay Raise!

Loads of Success to You,


p.s. Remember, investing into this program is an investment in YOU and your business so that you kick undercharging and underearning to the curb permanently!