Discovery Sessions, Consultations, Strategy Sessions,
Clarity Calls Not Converting?

If you're exasperated with consultations and discovery calls that don't convert and so tired of letting dream clients (who desperately need your help), slip through your fingers then you're going to LOVE this confidence-building sales system.

Dear Coach or Service Provider Ready to Enroll Private Clients Easily,

Whether you call it a discovery session, a clarity call, a strategy session or a consultation, these money conversations are the lifeblood of any coaching, consulting or service based business.

And if you’re struggling with how to effectively book, prepare for and deliver these powerful calls then you’re most likely not enjoying the kind of reliable income you could be in your business.

Every day I am hearing from women just like this one: She is wise, talented and has amazing gifts to share but she is feeling stuck because she is unable to move through the money skeletons and fears that keep her from creating sustainable income through doing what she loves because is afraid she won’t be liked, will be judged or condemned for asking for and receiving large amounts of money for her work.

Perhaps this Woman could be You…….

Imagine what it would be like to hold a minimum of 10 discovery calls every single month with interested and qualified dream clients AND close at least 8 of them every single time... What would be different in your life if you had the ability to successfully and confidently enroll clients whenever you were ready to book yourself up again?

Perhaps with this incoming cash flow you'd begin to travel more with your friends and family, or pay off debt or even invest in high-end mentors who could help you take your business to even further heights. Or maybe you'd give more to charity, make upgrades to your home and finally enjoy the feeling of being paid what you're worth.

These are some of the things I began to do when I started transforming my relationship with money, charging my worth and finally learned to make my money conversations E-A-S-Y.

If you're like most coaches or service providers who work with me, you got into business because you wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. You also thought it could be quite lucrative (and fun) because you've seen other industry people online doing it, seeming to create massive success.

But then you had what I call.... The Rude Awakening. You soon realized "Oh, crap! I'm in SALES!" And that sick feeling began to take over. You thought, "I have to sell to be successful????"

Yes, it is true, my dear. You are officially in sales. Welcome! Now let’s take a quick quiz to see where you’re really at in your business…

If you're able to check off nearly everything on the list below then you're in the right place for some fast relief:

  • Not enough consultations (discovery sessions) on your calendar. Meaning your closing ratio is non-existent because you're not having any bookings!
  • Lack of consistent cash flow: Your sales conversations are too few and far between (and your closing ratio certainly isn’t helping!
  • Clamming up when someone gives you an objection such as "I need to talk to my husband," or "I'll think about it, " or "I don't have the time or I don't have the money." You meekly say "Okay" and the conversation abruptly ends.
  • You project your own lack mindset, what you can afford and what you think is "expensive" onto your ideal clients and sabotage the session before you even get to the sale.
  • You don't even ask for the sale (because after all, that feels awkward to "ask"). You wish there was a smoother way to get to the part where they actually enroll in your program! Hint: You don't have to "ask"
  • You end up giving them a free coaching session instead of leading them to the empowered decision to enroll and partner with you.
  • You haven't the slightest clue about how to get consistent consultations (discovery sessions) onto your calendar each and every week. You need "step-by-step" online and offline strategies that you can follow.
  • You simply don't have the confidence and your knees shake, your throat closes and you're all tongue-tied when it's time to talk about your program and the investment with a potential client.
  • You're plagued by the thought of "I can't charge that!" and you're ready to transform that mindset into "I already did!"

So, how did you do with the check list above? How many more clients who really need your help, have to slip through your fingers before you make the decision that money conversations CAN be made easy for you?

Hello, My name is Jessica Riverson.

I am the CEO and Founder of Permission to Charge™, an international coaching and training company for female coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. My mission is to give you Permission to Charge™ what you're worth and the sales confidence to actually receive what you're worth, because charging is only half of the equation.

This is my mission because it wasn't always so easy for me.....

You see eleven years ago when I started my first company, an educational coaching and tutoring company at age 25, I also had The Rude Awakening. I was SO excited to start this business. I had sold my home to purchase the business and it just had to work. I remember it clearly: My son had just started kindergarten and I was a single mom (13 years in all). And I was literally sitting at my brand new desk, staring at my new computer and tapping a pencil just waiting for the phone to ring. And it did!

Suddenly prospective clients were asking me the age old question, "What do you charge?," and I was choking. I wheeled and deal-ed and tried to please everyone with my price and I thought the only way to succeed in getting a new client contract was to lower my price and practically bend over backwards to their every need and special request.

As I began selling large programs and charging larger sums of money, my fear only increased.

I worried how I would be able to overcome objections that came along with higher-priced programs and services. Jessica and her Husband

I started complaining and lamenting about clients who had me out to their house, but didn't enroll, to my partner (now husband). And as the sales master himself, he began to coach me.

And trust me, if you've ever been coached by your spouse or even say, by a parent when you were younger, it's not ALWAYS fun.

Before and after every single consultation, he coached me. Ahem... grilled me. But guess what? The strategies I learned worked!

I started to learn how to handle all types of situations and feel totally confident in what I had to offer. All the blood, sweat and yes, tears were paying off as my closing ratio increased. I was finally able to have my biggest month ever - $25,600 in sales!


Feeling empowered I officially started my coaching business in 2011 (after 10 years of it being an expensive hobby). But to my dismay, I began to run up against a new layer of my money blocks and sales blocks!

Now, I was REALLY selling me and my own services, not representing the tutors anymore. I had to figure out how to do these darned discovery sessions without:

  • Sweating
  • Hyperventilating
  • Sabotaging

I knew I was projecting my own money stuff AND my own limiting beliefs about “sales.” And I had to fix it before I let another prospective client, (who needed my help,) slip through my fingers because of my own fear and low self worth.

I was getting so frustrated with spending an hour on the phone only to have someone say, "I can't afford it" or "I need to talk to my husband", and then sometimes never even getting back to me.
I began to feel….

  • Like a failure because I couldn’t create a successful coaching business;
  • Anxious about having consultations or discovery calls and actually dreading them;
  • Taken advantage of for giving away free advice and feeling like I wasn't getting anything in return except "you're awesome!";
  • Like being helpful and truly wanting to help people was becoming more of a hindrance than a help in my business.

So I got certified as a Money Breakthrough Method Coach© and was determined to transform my relationship with money, which led me to continuing to master the art of sales.

Money Conversations Made EasyOne day, I remember coming out of my office slumping down onto the couch after a discovery call, and saying with exasperation to my husband, "If one more person tells me I'm awesome (but doesn't enroll), I'm going to shoot myself!"

His response was, “ If you’re so awesome, why didn’t they enroll?"

That was a profound moment for me because it made me realize I needed to work on my closing techniques.

It seemed that selling my coaching services was more of a challenge and even more intimidating because now, I was selling "me", and not the services that my talented employees provided in my first business. It was all me this time!

The service industry is the most organic form of sales there is.

The good news is. My hard work paid off and I began to master these types of money conversations and it became much easier! And so fun!

I've made all the possible mistakes one could make (and lived to tell about it), so YOU can short-cut your way to having incredibly authentic Easy Money Conversations that result in your ideal clients enrolling with you - on the spot.

This is why I am SO passionate about sharing this confidence-building sales system with you:

Money Conversations Made Easy
This program teaches you the EASIEST, most simple way to have a money conversation that leads to your client making an empowered decision to join your program or invest in your service offering. Let's face it - we don't want to spend time trying "convince" anyone to work with us. Besides, that feels "icky!"

You're going to learn:

  • Simple ways to keep yourself booked up with consistent consultations.

    I’m going to share offline strategies that work as well as online strategies, such as how a simple video or simple Facebook post could cause a client to reach out and book a free consult with you on the spot.

  • How to set up your discovery sessions and consultations for success

    I’ll show you how to set up your consultation process so that you’re only speaking with qualified, interested prospects who respect and value your time.

  • How to minimize objections from happening in the first place.

    I’ll show you how to avoid objections by covering them in your sales pitch. We’ll also review exactly what to say in situations where the prospect says “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the money” or “I need to think about it.”

  • What to offer a client if you have more than one program/service

    I’ll teach you how to sell your high-value offer more often so that cash flow is NOT an issue in your business.

  • How to have time-efficient money conversations

    You’ll learn how to have conversations that lead to a sale instead of having it feel like you’ve just given away a free coaching session.

  • How to build confidence in your offer

    Learning confidence in your offer makes you feel like you are joyfully sharing your gifts with the world, not shrinking because you’re wondering if it’s “too expensive.”

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What’s your REAL ROI?

If your signature program investment is even as little at $1000 and you now have the ability to bring in 6 new consults per month (two per week) and you even close HALF of them, that is an additional $3000 per month into your bank account.

I'm being ultra-conservative here with only a 50% enrollment success ratio (closing ratio) so you can see how quickly this will add and help you to create a cash-flow rich business.

Did you know that over half my clients pay in full? And my own clients also enjoy at least half of their clients paying in full. Trust me, they are BLOWN AWAY when it happens but people love to pay in full when it means they receive a savings. Don't worry, I'll teach you all about that strategy too!

Now, if you've been in business for a while and you have a high-value offer, you stand to gain thousands and thousands of dollars more by significantly increasing your ability to get qualified consultations on your calendar, and successfully enroll those clients into your programs.

But your real ROI is the fact that clients who need your specialized kind of support are going to get it, and create transformations in their lives. You’ll be rewarded with this satisfaction AND the financial stability to match.

Elyse"I generated $3300 in revenue after the first session"

"Amazing! I've learned how to have an effective enrolling conversation and hone in even more on my listening skills to offer packages that will suit my client's needs and bring me closer to my goals."


Elyse Wagner
My Kitchen Shrink, Chicago

Alison "The Soulful Sales™ Script made talking to potential clients less daunting."

"The Soulful Sales™ Script has helped my business out a lot. The layout is really easy to follow and it makes sense. It really helped make talking to potential clients less daunting. The audio explains each step thoroughly. I highly recommend in taking advantage of this program because it will save you a lot of time and money!"

Alison Nixon
Happy Mind and Body Coach, London

Jane"I used this process to enroll my first two clients!"

"Jessica's Soulful Sales™ Script is an easy guide that helps me stay centered and calm. It is a simple step-by-step system that reminds me of "why" I am doing this and changes my tone from needing to make a sale to a coming from a more genuine desire to make a difference. That makes it much easier and I have had a high conversion rate!

Jane Whiting
Ancestral and Relationship Healing Expert, Australia

Here is what you’ll Learn:

Module One: The Mindset of a Modern Money-Making Woman

In this Module you will: 

  • Uncover your own limiting beliefs about salespeople so you no longer carry the negative stigma that is keeping you stuck from succeeding in your money conversations. Time to say "Sayonara" to lengthy discovery sessions that lead NOWHERE.
  • Develop the mindset of a six-figure female entrepreneur and learn how to set up your mindset and your increase your vibration for a successful discovery session/consultation.
  • Utilize Positive Sales Mantra’s to help you be in the most abundant energy for receiving new clients.
  • Learn to physically release the Top Four “YUCKY SALES ENERGIES” that you’re going to want to avoid so you can get out of EGO and stay present with your clients.

Module Two: Master the Art of Soulful Sales™

In this Module you will: 

  • Learn The Three Pillars of The Soulful Sales™ Method. Create a healthy, conscious mindset around sales conversations, otherwise known as money conversations.
  • Learn how Soulful Sales™ turns a sales conversation into what feels like a conversation with a trusted friend.
  • Learn each of the simple 6 steps in Soulful Sales™ and discover a variety of ways to use this simple method.
  • Discover how to tap into the soul of an enrollment conversation.
  • Learn the fastest way to integrate the Soulful Sales™ Method script so that you before long you won’t even need to refer to it, making your enrollment conversations completely easy and authentic.
  • Craft the components of your own unique enrollment process. Master the MOST IMPORTANT PIECES that must be in place before, during and after your enrollment conversation to set you up for success.

Module Three: The Discovery Session Deconstructed

In this Module you will: 

  • Receive in-depth teachings on each step of the Soulful Sales™ Method and begin to master every step of the sales process with confidence so you begin to look forward to these money conversations.
  • Receive the Soulful Sales™ Script for you to use in each and every one of your discovery sessions until you get completely comfortable with this natural conversation and no longer need the guidance of the script. Side note: There are gurus who say you don't need a script and in my experience newbies or those who are struggling can completely transform their number of new clients signed by following this script. It doesn't mean you're inauthentic!
  • Get the Soulful Sales™ Script so that you have a simple sales process to follow, making every sales conversation feel like a soul mate connection call.
  • BONUS: You get… Soulful Sales™ Script, Soulful Sales™ Tip Sheet, Tip Sheet:  How to Qualify Leads so your Enrollment Conversations are not in vain!

Module Four: Enrolling ( a.ka. “closing”) Clients using The Soulful Sales™ Method

In this Module you will: 

  • The simple method for addressing each and every objection that comes your way.
  • A complete list of the most common objections you’ll get and how to overcome them without being pushy.
  • How to kick your EGO out the door when it begins to take over during the closing process.
  • How to handle “I can’t afford it and I need to speak to my husband”
  • The special secret to avoid objections in the first place!

Module Five: Consultations on the Calendar

In this Module you will: 

  • Learn simple steps that when completed, consistently and strategically will allow you to book consultations and discovery sessions every single week. What good are sales skills if you have no consults?
  • Get 3 very clear strategies to book consistent discovery sessions. You'll get step by steps scripts and handouts so you can share online and offline what you have to offer in order to book discovery sessions.
  • We'll discuss exactly how webinars, free calls, videos, Facebook Posting and speaking can help you create a waiting list of prospects.
  • You’ll get my Compelling Offer Template so that you can craft your own comelling offer for a discovery session that your ideal dream clients can’t refuse! (Hint: This is how you get booked!)

How the program works

This is a LIVE online program that begins with a 60-minute kick-off call on Tuesday September 8, 2015 at 11:00 am Pacific. This program runs for 5 weeks and ends on October 13, 2015 Each week you'll be delivered a live training module with plenty of time for Q&A to get your business specific questions answered.

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Who is this program right for?

  • You solve a specific problem for your clients and you have a signature program or service to sell. If you don't, The Instant Pay Raise Program is where you'll want to begin! Don't worry, I'll give you the sales script there too!
  • You are committed to following a plan for booking consistent consultations and discovery sessions and you're ready and willing to be visible in places where they are spending time. I'm looking for participants to begin using their new sales skills immediately and that means attracting discovery sessions.
  • You are clear on who your dream client is. This is important because I want you having lots of successful money conversations leading to newly enrolled clients. If you're not clear, The Instant Pay Raise Program is where you'll want to begin.

Who this program isn't for:

  • If you're not a self-starter willing to do the work that each module entails, I'm afraid you won't get the results you desire. Better not sign up.
  • If you aren't 100% committed to your own success then no program can help you actualize your own potential and receive financial abundance into your business.
  • Product based businesses. Although you'll glean tons and tons of golden nuggets, this program is geared towards service based businesses and all the tips, strategies and examples shared will be for those types of businesses. If you're still game, then welcome to the program!

Question & Answer

  • q-iconI already completed The Instant Pay Raise Program Online. Should I take this program too?

    The answer is simple. What is your Enrollment Rate of Success (closing ratio)? Is it where you want it to be? Is it above at least 70%? And do you know how to successfully book consistent discovery sessions or consultations on your calendar each and every week through at least three marketing vehicles? If not, then what you’ll learn in Money Conversations Made Easy™ will be perfect for you. It’s way more in depth on the sales training than The Instant Pay Raise Program AND you’ll learn how to market your free discovery sessions and consultations so you can wake up to a calendar full of new prospects.

  • q-iconWill this program help me if I’m not sure what I’m offering?

    If you’re not clear on what your service or offer is, enroll in The Instant Pay Raise program immediately. That help you create a high end program or offer that sells!

Big Juicy Bonus #1: A $200 value

Juicy Bonus #1Your Complete Success Tracking Workbook + How To Use Training Video

This is THE tracking system I ask each of my clients to use for weekly accountability. In this workbook you will be tracking the following:

  • Number of Leads per day
  • Where the leads are coming from (categories are already set up for you)
  • Number of discovery calls
  • Closing ratio (the program calculates it for you!)
  • Daily Marketing Activities and the success rate of them.

By using this workbook you'll have information about your business that is critical to your success. You'll be able to know the following in just minutes:

  • Your most up-to-date enrollment success ratio (closing ratio)
  • The number of leads that have come in
  • The number of discovery sessions you've done each month
  • The percentages of where each lead is coming from. As an example you'll know that 50% comes from speaking, 40% from Facebook and 10% from referral.

Big Juicy Bonus #2: A $300 value

Juicy Bonus #2Client Re-Enrollment Secrets Training

This training alone can pay you back ten times over for your initial investment into this program.

In this special training call you'll learn how to successfully re-enroll clients who are just about to complete their engagement with you. This will allow you to continue your work with clients who still have more goals to achieve and who you'd love to continue your work with. This also gives you an opportunity to move them up through your sales funnel and your entire suite of services. Lower level clients soon become high-end or "platinum" level clients. You will learn to successfully use The Affirmative Reinforcement Technique. Doesn’t that sound cool!

Yes, Jessica I’m in it to win it!

I am excited to get started with Money Conversations Made Easy™ and I understand that I'll be receiving:

  • Access to 5 live calls with Jessica
  • All five training module recordings and accompanying handouts
  • Two Juicy Bonuses valued at over $500
  • Access to a member portal where all the videos, handouts and extra goodies will be located for my convenience.
  • Access to an amazing group of women in the private Facebook Group who are also learning to create Money Conversations Made Easy.