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Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

*Everyone on this page is an extraordinary entrepreneur – they took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same… but if you want to go for it, we’re here to help!

Niche: Property to Profit™ Coach for Vacation Rental Owners

“Just had a 10K week!”

Kirsten Pohlman


Niche: Image Consulting

“Just sold my new signature program for $2995!”

Annette Bond 


Niche: Actors Coach

“New program sales of $23K!”

Lar Park Lincoln 


Niche: Health Coaching

“I generated $3300 in revenue after the first session”

“I’ve been able to generate $3300.00 in revenue after the first session. I gained 2-3 more clients that I’ll be having enrolling conversations with in the next couple of days. Self-esteem increased. Fears are manageable and able to embrace them. Joy: Amazing! I’ve learned how to have an effective enrolling conversation and hone in even more on my listening skills to offer programs that will suit my client’s needs and bring me closer to my goals!”

Elyse Wagner 


Niche: Online Marketing Coach

“I quadrupled my prices and re-launched my 90 day program!”

“The Signature System module is what really helped me the most. It not only helped me develop a better way to deliver my expertise, i.e. programs versus packages but it really opened my eyes to the value I was bringing to my clients and has given me the confidence to have my pricing reflect that!”

Kylie Ward 


Niche: Hypnotherapy & Certification 

“I have now created a 1:1 program that sells for $5K” 

“The system that Jessica taught me has proven very successful, and has made a distinct difference in the number of people who have decided to move forward with me. Interestingly, the process and presentation seems to have made the client more engaged, and especially in their actual private sessions with me. Their success rate has increased because of their view of the value of the work.”

Mary Lee LaBay 


Niche: Life Coaching 

“Just sold my first $3K coaching program”

Nancy Sommers 


Niche: Executive and Leadership Coaching 

“Doubled my price and sold biggest program to date!”

Elaine Jones 


Niche: Consulting for Non-Profits 

“Created and sold my 90 day program for Non-Profit Start ups!"

Shemekka Ebony 

North Carolina

Niche: Health Coaching 

“I just made $6500 in 5 days!”

J. Muenz 


Niche: Dog Training and Coach to Dog Owners 

“Revamped pricing and programs, sold largest program to date and hit Six Figures this year!” 

Cheryl was able to completely transform the way she approached consults, which led to her signing up more clients for her middle to highest program even AFTER she increased her prices. Previously she was struggling to overcome objections to her lowest package. She went from under 25K in revenue to over 100K from one year to the next. She is now so busy she has added on another team member to train the dogs while she continues to build the business.

Cheryl Ross 


Niche: Life Coaching 

“Just enrolled my second 90 day High-End Client”

Lisa Danforth 


Very Limited Openings